Product: Reverse Osmosis Filters

Water Filters

  • We carry many different types and styles of Reverse Osmosis and Under the Counter Filters.

Product: Sulfur Filter


  • High Efficient.Less is best.
  • Use only one pump to supply water to your home instead of two.
  • Replaces open aerator where the frogs hang out in before the water enters your home, pressure tank on house side, house pump, pressure switch on house side, float switch and solenoid valve.
  • No maintenance.

Our Sulfur Filter is a chemical free method for sulfur removal so effective that you’ll forget how bad your water is. This simple system also eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and uses oxygen in the air to oxidize the sulfur in your water, this oxidized sulfur is then trapped by the mineral bed and backwashed out during a automatic regeneration. This powerful sulfur filtration system will remove up to 8ppm of sulfur. The sulfur filter not only removes the smell and staining caused by sulfur bound well water, it also extends the life of your water softener by eliminating sulfur fouling on the softener’s resin bed. This is the safe, effective and economical sulfur removal system you’ve been looking for.

Product: Uv Light


    • Disinfecting your drinking water with ultraviolet light (UV) makes good sense. It’s environmentally safe, it’s well proven, and it’s the way of the future for water disinfection requirements around the globe.
    • UV light kills bacteria in water by destroying the organism’s DNA. The system, which requires electricity, is installed where the well water enters the building, but usually after a whole house filter. It includes a UV bulb housed in a protective sheath to prevent water contact. A pump forces water past the bulb at a set rate that allows enough UV light exposure to kill bacteria.

UV Light