Under sink RO

Category: Osmosis
Product: 50GPD w/ Permeate Pump Reverse Osmosis


    • Reduces: Barium 97.1%
    • Reduces:Cysts 99.99%
    • Reduces:Cadmium 98.1%
    • Reduces:Lead 98%
  • Reduces:Selenium 89%
  • Reduces:Chlorine N/A
  • Reduces:Chromium (Hexa. 80%
  • Reduces:Radium 226/228 80%
  • Reduces:Chromium (Triva.) 94.1%
  • Reduces:Turbidity 97%
  • TDS N/A

* Improves flow rates (tap pressure) through increased tank pressure In typical RO systems, performance decreases as tank pressure increases. This limits most RO systems to approximately 60- 70% of line pressure in their tanks. A Permeate Pump enhanced RO system can achieve up to 95% of line pressure without impacting system performance. This provides stronger, more reliable flow rates at your tap and also helps meet the high minimum pressure requirements often required for coffee makers, ice machines, etc.

Category: Osmosis
Product: Whole House Reverse Osmosis


  • Don’t spend another dime on bottle water, bags of salt or chemicals.
  • Enjoy bottle water quality throughout your home. Cleaner laundry, spot free dishes and spot free car washings. And for the women, longer lasting hair colors and highlights.

The Reverse Osmosis process utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to remove and reject a wide spectrum of impurities(including dissovled solids, organics, pyrogens and bacteria) from water, using only water pressure. These impurities affect the taste and/ or quality of your drinking water. Low Energy Operates at 110PSI Stainless Vessel And Pump Stainless Drain Valve DESAL Membrane1/2 HP SS Pump Multi-stage centrifugal Permeate Flow Meter Concentrate Flow Meter Digital TDS Monitor Monitors in/out TDS Low pressure safety Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge 20″ Pre Filter Aluminum Frame