Clack Softener

Pegasus Demand Water Softener

  • Electronic Control
  • The heart of the Pegasus control is a sophisticated microprocessor that ensures you years of trouble free reliable performance.
  • Easily Programmed
  • After testing your water, your water treatment specialist will program your Pegasus system to operate efficiently and automatically.
  • Power Interruption
  • The Pegasus control maintains its memory through power outages for up to two hours. For extended periods of power interruption, a simple resetting of the time of day is required, the system remembers everything else.
  • Optimal Flow
  • One inch valves ensure maximum household water pressure.
  • Built-In Automatic Bypass
  • Water flow will be maintained to your home during regeneration.
  • Noryl®* Valve Construction
  • Valves maintain the durability and non-corrosive nature of glass filled Noryl®*.
  • Efficient Up-Flow Brining
  • Traditional water softeners use a regeneration of down-flow brining which requires additional brine to fully restore the bed.
  • Brine Tank Refills With Conditioned Water
  • Only conditioned water circulates through the refill flow control and prefills the brine tank two hours in advance of regeneration, ensuring maximum available bri

Many water supplies contain hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium). These minerals form a scale and create problems in water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, humidifiers and plumbing systems. A modern and efficient water softening system eliminates hard water problems. It removes calcium and magnesium from your water supply by filtering it through a resin softening medium. Salt is used to revitalize the system to provide soft water for your daily needs.

Clack Water Softener

  • Cleaner & softer clothes & towels
  • More luxurious foaming baths
  • Extended life for appliances, faucets & pipes
  • Clearer, better tasting & odor-free ice cubes
  • Water Heater will operate more efficiently
  • You won’t need harsh detergents to wash clothes
  • Use less shampoo and soap
  • Cleaner, clearer water for drinking and cooking

Water softening systems from Florida Soft Water are designed to provide luxurious, clean, soft water for years to come. Clark’s Quality Water offers a full line of high quality water softeners to fit your needs. From basic timer-controlled, to the most advanced electronically controlled water softening systems available, we provide what our customers want. Florida Soft Water provides our customers with the most advanced state-of-the-art water treatment systems. We use commercial grade, high cross link resins in all our water softeners that outperform and outlast the competition’s. Our valves feature the latest advances in design, reliability, and performance.