How To Clean Your Aerator

2 Channel Lock type wrenches
Mop, or long handled brush, or broom

Controlling the quality of your household water is dependent on the aerator being
cleaned regularly. Left undone will shorten the life of your water softener my fouling of the resin.
The frequency of cleaning depends on how quickly the sulfur builds up on the inside
walls (slippery sides inside the aerator). Generally, the aerator should be cleaned every 30 – 60 days.
1. Unplug the house pump cord from the wall outlet.
2. Disconnect the power supply to the aerator, (usually the 110 volt cord plugged (piggy back)
into the back of another cord which is the float switch. If unsure, pull all the plugs, or shut the circuit breaker off).
3. Remove the bottom drain plug of the aerator, with (2) two wrenches. One to hold the drain
pipe, and one to hold the drain cap as not to break off the drain.
4. Optional: Remove the top lid of the aerator, and pour in approximately ½ gallon of household bleach
(unscented laundry bleach). The important part is to remove any growth from inside.
5. Scrub the sides of the aerator, spray heads, and bottom of the aerator.
6. After all the water has drained out, turn the power supply back on. Put the lid back on , and
let the spray rinse the sides for 30 seconds.
7. Replace the bottom drain plug. HAND TIGHTEN OR ½ a TURN WITH TWO
WRENCHES. The water will shut off when the aerator is full again.
8. Plug the house pump back into the outlet.